3 Marketing Ideas that Use 3D Direct Mailouts

In today’s blog post, I want to talk to you about 3D direct mail campaigns; the mailing of 3D promotional items to your prospective clients. 3D direct mailings are also known as “dimensional” mailings or my favorite, “lumpy” mail. Personally, my interest is immediately piqued when receiving lumpy items in the mailbox. Isn’t yours?


I have some creative ideas to share with you, but first, I’d like to make some important points about 3D direct mailing campaigns. Because, these marketing strategies do take more thoughtful planning than plain and simple print mailings.


  • First and foremost, the packaging should be created with eye catching colors. Visualization makes a significant impact on consumers. The packaging is obviously what the prospective client sees first, so make it count.
  • The promotional item should be functional and fun. This offers a better chance that it will be kept and shown to others. Bonus: the campaign perpetuates.
  • Testing the promotional item can be helpful before the start of the campaign. Mailing blindly to friends or family and getting their reactions afterwards can be priceless.

Okay, for the fun part of this blog post…here are some ideas that may generate thought for one of your upcoming campaigns:


  • Develop a product using 3D print technology. Here is a company that makes eye glasses using 3D technology. In this resource, they show step by step how the product is made. A less expensive miniature prototype could be an idea for a 3D direct mail marketing campaign.
  • Here is a promotional item that could either be made by 3D technology or using less expensive methods. The idea is to mail a phone or iPad holder shipped in creative packaging. This is a functional item and if dynamic and cool enough will be utilized. And your company will be in the forefront of the prospect’s mind.
  • The next idea is to mail a flat package with a creative item that pops open into a 3D object. Take a look here for a great example. This example uses both a flat object that pops open and includes a QR code. The client scans the code and receives a fun surprise.

We know that 3D promotional material is more costly. Mailing to a specific subset of your target audience and prospect list is key. You don’t want to spend money on those you aren’t sure will use your type of product or service.

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