3 Smartphone Features That Help Simplify Your Life

In the blink of an eye our lives have become almost completely dependent on technology. Checking emails, answering text messages and and viewing presentations right from our phones has made our productivity levels spike. Unfortunately, just because we are more productive doesn’t mean our lives have suddenly gotten easier. The very thing that has given us unprecedented access at our fingertips can now help to simplify our everyday lives. Try these three smartphone features to help simplify your life today.

Scheduling Apps
We all know and love the calendars on our phones. We sink them to our computers and share them with our spouses, but what if it could do more. According to Techlicious.com the best family calendar app is Cozi. The Cozi app does more than just calendar sharing. It’s a complete coordination board that can be seen by the whole family. Individuals can sync the app to their primary digital computer and Cozi will color code each persons schedule so you can see with one glance who has what going on. You can also keep track of things like grocery lists and to-do lists that everyone can edit.

Save Now Read Later
Like the rest of us, the bookmark feature on your smartphone is probably overloaded to the point where you can’t find anything anymore. Well thanks to The Wall Street Journal’s review of Read This Apps, it’s now easier than ever to simply put a pin in it and come back to it when you’re ready. According to WSJ, the best apps for this are Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. These apps hold on to the articles and videos you want to see and keeps them organized until you have time to read them. These apps are free although some come with a premium option which provides access to features such as permanent saving and unlimited note taking.

If This Then That
The If This Then That app takes two features or apps on your phone and connects them. For instance, if you live in an area where inclement weather is a regular issue, you can tell your phone to text you every time there is snow in the forecast allowing you to plan to leave for work early. Or every time you post or are tagged in an Instagram photo you can have it automatically saved to your Dropbox. The connections and uses are virtually endless.

From scheduling family dinner to maintaining your must read list, smartphones have crossed the threshold from simply being a communication device to being the single item that helps us do our jobs, manage our social engagements and stay connected to the world around us. The smartphone is now making our lives easier one app at a time.

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