3 Ways Diversity is Beneficial for Businesses

Diversity is brought up frequently in various group circles and most people would support equal opportunity employment and affirmative action laws to prevent discrimination in the workplace. Indeed, when JFK signed the 1961 Executive Order 10925, he sought to end problems between minority communities and government agencies that thus far had denied them entry. While we certainly applaud the laws that were put in place in the coming years and up to this day to prevent discrimination, diversity mandates may be the wrong approach altogether. What many entrepreneurs and business leaders may not know is diversity could be one of the biggest catalysts to their success because of what workers of all backgrounds can do when they’re meshed together.

1. It’s Actually Been Proven That Diverse Groups Do Better At Problem-Solving

There was once a study performed by a professor at the University of Michigan in a complex systems course during which he ran a deep analytical study of diverse people and very smart people. The study was very technical in terminology and was mostly written on a computer programming algorithm, but each time the results showed that those of a more diverse group with just good problem-solving skills outperformed those of similar background with elite problem-solving skills. But why do these groups do better with big challenges?

2. Unique Backgrounds Bring Fresh Ideas To Business

One thing is for sure, the most successful businesses never believe that there’s a limitation to ideas or that the way they’ve done business in the past is the way it will always be done. Businesses stay ahead of their competition by having innovators who are always looking ahead and will put a great idea to work even if it means changing direction. And having a diverse workforce is one of the best ways to follow this pattern. People of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds may have grown up in different countries where they saw different ideas take root and could bounce those ideas off of others at their current workplace.

3. Diverse Employees Can Connect With Diverse Clients

Whether a business is primarily dealing with locals or has international clients, chances are it’s going to have quite a diverse group it will be marketing to. At times trying to cater to these clients can be challenging due to all the cultural and possibly even language barriers. Having a diverse workforce can help eliminate some of these barriers and help establish a business’s reputation in new markets. Plus as employees and executives of various backgrounds are able to learn more about each other, the more comfortable they’ll be learning about their new clients.

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