4 Gifts To Give a Military Veteran

Military veterans are some of the most respected people in society. They’ve selflessly served the country, and they often come home with the baggage to prove it. If you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for a military veteran, here are 4 gifts to consider:

1. GPS device
Often military veterans have a tough time adjusting to civilian life. This includes getting lost in formerly familiar places. One gift veterans really appreciate is a GPS device. It provides vets with independence and the ability to find their way back home. An Apple watch or similar wearable device works well. This can also be enabled with tracking features for loved ones, in case their veteran is prone to getting lost.

2. An opportunity
Military veterans go from having a lot of responsibility in a very specific role to having nothing on their radar, almost overnight. Once discharged from service, veterans struggle to find purpose. A great gift is to give your veteran an opportunity, whether it’s for a job, a community project, or something else important. Veterans need to know they are useful and welcome in the civilian world.

3. A day off
Most of military life is scheduled and mandatory. Civilians, on the other hand, have the freedom to make their own choices. From quitting a job to taking a vacation, many people take time off for granted. If you can give your veteran the chance to kick back and relax for the day, that would be much appreciated. Examples of this include babysitting for a date night with the spouse or partner they’ve been continents away from for a long period of time, or simply bringing over a case of beer and asking them how you can help around the house.

4. Something stylish
Many career military veterans have essentially been stuck in a time capsule. If they entered the military at a young age, they’ve worn military uniforms and fatigues for the last 30 years. As they adjust to the “real world” a lot of life outside the base seems foreign. Surprise them with something new, whether it’s technology, apparel or something else of interest like popular music. They will appreciate the effort, even if they’re still experiencing culture shock.

Beyond gifts, be sure to be patient and understanding as your loved one re-enters the non-military world. The best present you can give is your patience and compassion.

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