4 Reasons Why you Should Try Flavored Cigars

People have been enjoying cigars for many, many years. In some circles, enjoying a cigar is a matter of long-standing tradition. Even people who don’t consider themselves smokers sometimes will enjoy the occasional celebratory cigar. Some even think of them as symbolic of good times and special occasions or something that compliments a fine brandy.
Strangely, some of these cigar smokers have never tried flavored cigars. While some cigar aficionados look down on flavored cigars, the truth is many people enjoy them. Why should a cigar smoker try flavored cigars? Here are a few reasons:

1. There Are Great Flavored Cigars Available
Believe it or not, some people are unaware that quality flavored cigars even exist. They do and those who enjoy them can vouch for that. While some envision them all as being “machine-made”, experts note this is not true.
A number of sources say that there are a significant number of flavored cigars that are actually handmade and are often praised by pundits. One visit to a reputable cigar store will reveal that they are actually crafted by some of the biggest names in the cigar industry.

2. A Good, Comforting Choice For Newbies & A Nice Change For Regular Cigar Smokers
A flavored cigar is a good choice for a novice. Newbies sometimes find the flavor of a regular quality cigar to be unfamiliar and possibly even initially unappealing. While some critics might argue the point, a familiar flavor may be a comforting choice to those who are hesitant to try cigars. Experienced cigar smokers might find smoking a fine, flavored cigar to be a nice break from what they are accustomed to as well.

3 The Price Is Right
Another reason to try a flavored cigar is the cost. They can be relatively inexpensive. Research in the retail industry reveals that flavored cigars can be reasonably priced. Value is important to many cigar smokers. Due to budgetary concerns, the price of the product is often a prerequisite in their quest to stock their humidors.

4 A Variety Of Choices
A well-stocked cigar store will offer cigar shoppers a wide variety of choices. Online sources indicate that some of the more popular choices of flavors include (but are not necessarily limited to) Amaretto, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cappuccino, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cognac, Grape, Irish Whiskey, Mocha, Peach, Raspberry, Rum, Strawberry, and Vanilla. There are plenty of choices and something for everyone.

Frequent flavored cigar smokers suggest trying every flavor that may appeal to you before choosing an official favorite. It is also recommended that you use wooden matches to light your cigars as the burning match wood is believed to help preserve the flavor. So pick a flavor, light up and smoke ‘em, if ya got ‘em.

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