5 Chains to Consider for Your Next Pocket Watch

If you actually wear a watch at all, you’re already taking a step back in time. These days, most people don’t wear watches. They look at their phones when they want to know the time. And if their phone batteries die, they ask their friends what time it is. It’s a simple process, but it’s not really becoming. Why shouldn’t you have your own watch, which always knows the time?

Wrist watches in general are an old custom, but there’s one that’s even older than that. If you wear a pocket watch, you are going even further back in history than if you just wear a wrist watch. Pocket watches originated decades ago. They were popular long before World War I, but during The Great War, these types of watches were considered the most popular.

Pocket watches naturally got their name because they are to be worn in a jacket pocket. They are typically worn by men, but women can wear them as well. In order to actually make a pocket watch useful for the owner and user, a pocket watch needs a chain so that it doesn’t get lost and is easily located.

In this way, if you plan on starting to wear a pocket watch yourself, you’ll need to choose a chain. Here are five ideas for your pocket watch chain.

1. Leather Strap

Most pocket watch chains tend to be made out of some kind of fine metal, but if you prefer to have a more laid back look, you might try a leather chain. Two types of leather are usually used for pocket watch chains, and those are black leather and dark brown leather. Try to match the leather to your shoes or belt.

2. Thin Gold Chain

A thin gold chain can look extremely fancy, but watch out. It may be too fancy for average get togethers and occasions. This might be a pocket watch chain to save for a special occasion.

3. Silver Link Chain

A silver link chain for your pocket watch is likely the most standard choice for most men. You can get different sized links, but something in the mid to small range usually looks the best. You don’t want your pocket watch chain to stand out too much.

4. Large Link Black Metal Chain

For those who want to make more of a statement, there are black metal chains that come in a chunky, large style as well.

5. Decorative Chain

Finally, if you’re interested in getting a little more decorative and fancy with your chains, you can choose one that is made of various sizes of links. This adds a more intricate look, and it may cost more.

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