5 Reasons to be a Child Mentor

Becoming a child mentor can be a life changing experience for the child and mentor. The benefits can be meaningful and rewarding in many ways. Here are some great reasons to mentor a child.

Change a Life

Many children don’t receive unconditional love from parents. Even though this is heart breaking, you have the opportunity to change a kids life by being selfless and becoming a mentor. Be a role model while giving encouragement and support. Kids who are mentored tend to have higher self-esteem and do better in school.

Provide Guidance

Children who don’t have the best role models need guidance for a happier, healthier future. Imagine growing up in a household where your mother does drugs or doesn’t make enough money to buy groceries. Kids who’ve grown up in corrupt homes often become drug addicts, alcoholics or ruin a promising future simply by not caring enough. Mentors have the power to change this mindset to a more positive one by giving time, effort and dedication.

Be a Better Person

You can grow as a person by helping others. Don’t let your emotional intelligence and skills go to waste. These may be put to good use by mentoring someone in need. Feel like the person you were meant to be. Become stronger, more responsible and firmer in your moral beliefs.

Help Your Community

You can help your community by being a mentor. You can be a good example to other adults and children who don’t understand the value of being ethical. People will likely have more trust in you and respect for you. All it takes is one person to make a positive change in the community. Everyone needs an intelligent role model to look up to.

Gain Leadership Skills

You’ll also gain strength as a leader because you’ll constantly have a kid looking up to you. Children copy what adults do. This means a mentor must be an exceptional role model. This mentality will likely help you be more successful in your career, relationships and other areas of your life. You’ll have something admirable to put on your resume that will make employers take notice. By doing the realistic tasks a mentor does, you’ll understand better how to change someone’s life in the right way.

As a mentor, you have the unique chance to make a child’s life easier. You have the opportunity to show empathy towards someone in need, and use the knowledge you’ve gained to improve the lives of others. Making an effort to change a person’s life and well-being will be one of the most meaningful experiences you’ll ever have.

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