5 Tips for Encouraging Your Children to Exercise

In our modern digital age, it can be difficult to get kids off their phones and outside in the sunshine. However, there are ways that you can encourage your children to exercise. Moving is very important for kids. Helping them learn to love exercise will help them develop the type of habits that will help their health for their entire life. Here are five tips for encouraging your children to exercise.

Introduce them to a sport they like 

When your child finds a sport they like, it will be much easier to get them to exercise. The key to helping them find a sport that they like is introducing them to many different types of sports. Whether it’s golf or skateboarding, once they find their passion, it will be difficult to stop them from exercising.

Make exercise fun 

With so many parks and playgrounds, it is easy to make exercise fun. Simply taking a ball to the park can turn into a fun-filled afternoon that teaches your kids to love exercising. Playing fun games like tag can also be a great way to make exercise fun.

Exercise with them 

When you exercise with your kids, they are going to learn to love it even more. What is it that you are into? If you love hiking, try taking your kids hiking. If you like to rollerblade, teach your kids how to as well. This will be a bonding experience that can teach your kids that exercise is a time that they get to spend with mom or dad.

Teach them to eat healthy so they have more energy 

When you teach your kids to eat healthy foods, they are going to have much more energy when it comes to exercising. It will be very difficult to motivate your children to exercise when they are tired on the couch after eating fast food. However, if you were feeding your children healthy foods, you would find that they would have a great deal of energy and would probably want to exercise all on their own.

Incentivize their exercise 

If it is very hard to get your children to exercise, you can start to add incentives. Your children could earn rewards like going to the movies if they stick to their workout plan all week long. You could also have a system where exercises earn them points toward their favorite toy. Try to leave out candies or junk food as incentives for exercising as this is counterintuitive.

These are just a few of the many different ways that you can encourage your children to exercise. Before you know it, your kids will be putting down their phones and getting outside to do their favorite activities.

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