5 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved On Moving Day

Moving is stressful for everyone in the family, but especially for the kids. Involving your kids in the moving process can help alleviate stress and even make it fun. Your kids definitely need to help on moving day. Let’s look at ways you can make that happen.

Assign each kid a special color tag

Moving boxes tend to all look alike. Seeing their toys and clothes go into anonymous boxes can add stress to an already chaotic day. Assign a color to each child and tag their boxes and belongings with that color. Let’s say you assign green to your daughter. Every time she sees a box with a green tag she knows it’s hers. She can even direct movers to put her green boxes in her new room.

Have them help prepare a special bag for the move

Another way to help you child cope with the move is to pack a bag of special belongings that go with the family and not into the moving truck. It can contain whatever the child considers special, like toys, books, pictures or blankets. It should be one of the first things moved into the new house and carried by the child if possible. The contents of that bag gives your child some familiar things close at hand.

Help them stick to routines

Routines help children feel safe and secure. Stick to routines as much as possible. That means getting up at the same time, eating familiar foods, going through a typical bedtime routine and going to sleep at about the same time. While you cannot replicate some routines on such a chaotic day, even the ones at the start and end of moving day will make a difference with your child.

Setup the kids rooms first

Getting the kitchen unpacked is likely first on your priority list. But, you need to put the kids’ room ahead of that. Just unpacking the sheets and getting the bed made will help your child feel a sense of familiarity in an otherwise strange place. Have your child participate in the unpacking process as much as possible, which helps the child make the space his/her own.

Have them help unpack

Besides unpacking their rooms, have your kids help unpack other areas of the home. Unloading a box of kitchen utensils or putting away towels are just two tasks that help a child feel a sense of belonging. Give them small tasks as you unpack each room.

You can use all or just a few of these options for getting your kids involved with moving day. The more they participate, the less stress they (and you) will experience. How did your moving day go?

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