6 Maintenance Tips for an Asphalt Parking Lot

As a commercial property manager or owner, your responsibility is to maintain your asphalt parking lot in excellent condition. Besides, you have a duty of the security, safety, and appearance of your commercial property as well as its grounds, and the parking lot is not an exemption. You do not have to wait until you experience a safety hazard or an issue for you to maintain your asphalt pavement. You can protect your investment by incorporating these parking lot maintenance tips.

Sealcoat the parking lot

You should apply a seal coat to prevent deterioration once your asphalt parking lot has been laid and cured. A seal coat will protect the asphalt from developing cracks. Also, if the parking lot has cracks already, a seal coat will prevent the cracks from widening. Ideally, you should seal your parking lot after every two or three years.

Remark the parking lot

You need to make sure that the parking spaces are marked so that drivers can easily see the parking spaces. Faded lines can be hard to distinguish in bad weather like when it is raining. Do not forget to mark the required number of the van and handicapped spaces to make sure that your commercial property is in line with the regulations.

Get rid of chemical stains immediately

Leaking fluids like oil from cars can damage your asphalt parking lot. Therefore, make sure you remove fuel stains and grease immediately they spill on the parking lot. The chemicals contained in the fluids can ooze into the asphalt parking lot, which causes the lot to breakdown faster than it should. You need to buy cleaners to help you clean and get rid of the spots.


Accumulation of debris and dirt on your parking lot is not advisable. It compromises on the integrity of the parking lot resulting in costly repairs. Also, sharp objects, pebbles, and rocks are tire and windshield hazards. Consequently, you should sweep your asphalt parking lot often to get rid of the risks and debris.

Clear out drainage basins

A flooded parking lot is a driving hazard. Additionally, it can wear down your asphalt parking lot more quickly than you thought. Therefore, remove items like leaves clogged into the drainage basin so that water can quickly drain away from the parking lot during a severe storm.

Regular inspections

You should inspect your parking lot often so that you can notice issues such as pooling water, incorrectly laid lines, cracks, or fading. Additionally, let the maintenance crew report anything unusual on the parking lot. Small issues can easily be found and handled when you regularly inspect your asphalt parking lot.

You can use these six tips to maintain your asphalt parking lot. Consequently, you optimize the lifespan of your parking lot and reduce repair costs. Do not forget to work with a reputable and experienced asphalt technician.

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