6 Tips for Finding the Right Lingerie for You

The right lingerie will make you feel your sexiest. While the style and color of lingerie certainly play a role in how attractive you feel, your final selection should be the perfect fit for you. Not sure how to select lingerie? Keep reading for six tips to help you find the right lingerie look.

1. Relax When Getting Measured

In order for lingerie to fit your body like a glove, your measurements need to be as accurate as possible. Avoid sucking your stomach in or flexing your body while being measured. You’ll get the most accurate measurements the more you relax your body.

2. Choose Lingerie That Highlights Your Best Areas

Though many people believe that lingerie exposes as much as being naked does, this isn’t the case. While lingerie is quite minimal, you can choose styles that will highlight your best areas. Styles like a push-up bra or a corset can drastically play up your curves.

3. Find the Right Type of Fabric

Not all lingerie is created equally. Though there are countless fabric options available, be sure to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and alluring. At times, fabric that may seem sexy can be itchy and uncomfortable.

4. Don’t Put Sexiness Before Comfort

Tighter lingerie isn’t always the best option. While you may be a fan of oozing sexiness with the tightest sizes you can wear, this can cause issues over time. Restrictive bras can lead to backaches and too-tight lingerie bottoms can cause chafing and irritation.

5. Keep Confidence in Mind

Even the sexiest styles can be the wrong fit for you if they don’t instill confidence. The best lingerie choice will be one that you feel completely comfortable and confident in. Whether that means baring it all or going with a more modest option, find your sexiness by being the most confident version of yourself.

6. Take Trends with a Grain of Salt

Popular lingerie trends may look good on paper, but real life is another story. If you have your heart set on a specific style of lingerie, be sure to try it on first. Keep in mind that these trends are only in style for the moment and aren’t the only options you have when it comes to lingerie.

Your lingerie should empower you and make you feel as stunning as you are. While lingerie is often pretty on its own, make sure it’s the right fit for you before making the purchase. Keep these six tips in mind when searching for your next lingerie set.

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