7 Common Auto Body Repairs After a Wreck

Whether you’ve been in an auto accident or bought a damaged vehicle, body repairs are just one part of responsible vehicle ownership. When minor fender-benders and serious accidents happen, certain body parts typically absorb the impact. Here, you’ll learn about the seven most common post-accident auto body repairs.


The Front Bumper


As you might have guessed, front bumpers top the list. Most auto accidents involve at least one forward-moving vehicle, and the bumper is the first part to be affected. Collisions aren’t the only thing that causes bumper damage, however. Distracted driving often brings scrapes, gouges, dents, and dings.




Although they’re sometimes confused, fenders and bumpers are quite simple to tell apart. Bumpers are on the rear and front of a vehicle, and they’re designed to protect occupants from an impact. Fenders serve as a frame for the wheel well, catching road debris and preventing tires from throwing it at pedestrians and other vehicles. Just like a car’s bumpers, though, fenders absorb much of the force of an impact. Side collisions are particularly damaging.


The Rear Bumper


No one wants to be rear-ended, but it happens more often than you might think. Whether it occurs when you back into something or when another vehicle hits yours, rear bumpers often get dented, cracked, and destroyed.




After the bumper, the next front end part to suffer damage is the car’s grille. It’s designed to allow air to flow into the engine bay, and it’s tough, but it can be destroyed in an accident. Thankfully, most drivers will swerve to avoid a collision, sparing the grille from most damage. It’s important to replace a damaged grille for a couple of reasons: first, it might block airflow, resulting in engine overheating. Second, it just looks bad.




Hoods get damaged for all sorts of reasons. While accidents are the most common cause, falling objects can also cause serious dents. Instead of dismissing these as cosmetic imperfections, it’s important to ensure that the hood still latches properly.


Trunk Lids


Just like hoods, trunk lids are damaged for various reasons. Falling objects, back-up accidents, and rear-end collisions can all cause serious problems. If you’re ever in an accident bad enough to pop the trunk open, be sure to inspect the latch and replace the entire assembly if necessary.




Side impacts are the primary cause of door damage. Today’s car doors are built to protect occupants from the force of a collision, and for that reason, it’s important to replace a damaged door. If a door’s internal safety systems aren’t in good condition, they can’t protect you in a collision.


Modern automobiles are very durable, but a serious accident can cause thousands of dollars in damage. By looking for signs of trouble, you’ll find it easier to stay safe. Protect yourself and your passengers by replacing damaged parts as soon as possible.

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