7 Reasons to Move to Canada

Today, people from around the world often seek to relocate to Canada. The Canadian government announced in 2017 it would seek to increase its population through immigration by 1% by 2020 in order to assist the nation’s economy. At least seven reasons prompt emigrants to select Canada as their new home:

1. Canada Welcomes Immigrants

Canada welcomes immigrants. The Canadian government furnishes extensive online information to assist people moving to Canada. Additionally, it offers a variety of government services and programs designed to assist refugees and other new residents.

2. Canada Offers Diversity

Canada also boasts a diverse population. People from around the world have moved to Canada during the past decade. Indeed, some statistics indicate one out of every five people in this North American nation was born in another country. The diverse Canadian population appeals to many immigrants.

3. Canada Promotes Educational Opportunities

Many prestigious colleges and universities welcome students in Canada. McGill University, the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia all ranked among the top 50 colleges in the world in one recent online survey. Additionally, Canadians enjoy free access to a well established public school system.

4. Canada Possesses Extensive Natural Resources

Canadians reside in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Its provinces include some stunning national parks, furnishing a variety of topography. Many tourists enjoy vacationing in scenic wilderness settings. From the maritime vistas of Nova Scotia to the towering mountains of British Columbia, residents can find spectacular landscapes here.

5. Canada Offers an Above Average Median Income

Although Canadians pay a far higher percentage of their incomes in taxes than people in many other nations, they do benefit from the availability of some well paid jobs. One survey released by the Canadian government during 2012 placed the median national income in Canada at a comfortable $71,700 Canadian dollars per year. Median income varies by province.

6. Canada Furnishes a Well-Developed Infrastructure

People relocating to Canada discover a nation with established transportation facilities. The public obtains ready access to essential medical, fire, and police services. Additionally, numerous businesses operate in Canada, supplying basic goods and services in every province.

7. Canada Maintains a Freely Elected Government

Canada offers its citizens the opportunity to elect their local, provincial and national leaders in fair and free elections. The country enjoys an established legal system. The government of Canada offers all its citizens the ability to participate in representative government.

For all these reasons, and many more, numerous people choose Canada as a relocation destination. Emigrants obtain many advantages here. Canada’s populations appears poised to increase during coming years!

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