About Us

We are here to tell you the truth about what’s happening in the world. We write news articles that explain each trouble in details. It’s done for you to understand modern tendencies in all possible fields, from politics to culture. Having lots of satisfied readers, we at Lewis Wind constantly improve our services to make their experience even more pleasant.

Our Mission

There are lots of news websites that write catchy titles to draw your attention, but most often there’s little to read and learn inside the actual articles. Many of them are also presented from the point of view of the journalist, which isn’t always right. After analyzing the field of online newspapers, we understood it was necessary to create a new service that would just deliver news with the purpose of informing people.

We give our readers the ability to generate their own point of view on the topic. And we provide them with lots of topics, so if you want to be updated about all the most important events in the country and worldwide, you’re welcome here.

Our Team

At Lewis Wind we have a team of professional news writers with lots of experience. People who want to give the truthful information in their articles. People who want to take relatable questions and answer them for those who need it. People who know how to do it right. That’s who we have as our allies.

Our Features

Aside from high quality articles, we also offer you a subscription to our newsletter. We cover the most important highlights for you to briefly learn whether there’s anything essentially important happening, something you have to know more about. Moreover, if you need to check some information or show any article to a friend or a colleague, you can use our search tool to surf the site.

If you need to know more or give us your opinion on the work of the service, make sure to contact us.