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5 Different Types of Legal Careers to Consider

As with many traditional fields, the playing field has changed for legal careers. As noted by Forbes, the new economy has led to the creation of legal careers that are specialized in the law, technology, and legal processes. Many of the career choices remain, but there are additional options now available.




Becoming a lawyer requires up to seven years of study, including an undergraduate degree and graduation from a law school. Upon completion of the degree, graduates must sit for and pass the bar examination for the state where they want to practice. Most lawyers are in practice, either at a law firm or in a corporate office. Others may work for a government agency. The job outlook remains good for this career.




One of the faster growing careers in law is that of a paralegal. Most paralegals have at least an associate’s degree, while many have a bachelor’s or higher. According to the Department of Labor, individuals with strong computer and database management skills will have increased opportunities for employment.


Law Professor


Legal professors are responsible for training future lawyers. They have law degrees and have usually practiced law for a period of time. Law professors are also researchers in the law and publish books and papers based on their work. Most law professors work at major universities and live in what are considered to be college towns. This is a growing field as the need for trained lawyers continues to be high.




Mediators and arbiters negotiate between parties in legal disputes. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree and legal or business experience, while others are lawyers. Many states require an internship with a licensed mediator before the individual can work for the state courts. This career is expected to grow faster than the United States average.




Judges are often seen as the top legal career in the United States. Employed by a government entity, they are either elected or appointed and usually have experience as a lawyer. Judges can sit in a criminal, civil or appellate court and are called upon to resolve disputes through the court processes. This is expected to be a stable career over the coming years.


The benefits of working in a legal profession can be great. Many of the careers are growing and provide a good salary. There is some postsecondary education required for all of the major legal careers, but the amount varies depending on the career. Working with the law can be a rewarding career that provides well for the individual and family.