How Hiring A Moving Company Makes Relocation Simple

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, working with a professional moving company will save you a great deal of time, labor and worry. This process will be much simpler with experts who know how to load a truck. Even better, a reputable mover will have insurance to protect your belongings from damage.

Moving Or Packing?

Are you hiring someone to just move your things, or do you want them to pack as well? This decision is crucial and will make a big difference in your final bill. Depending on your situation, having someone pack for you will reduce your workload. If you need to declutter before you pack, professional movers may charge you to move things you don’t really need or want.

Get Recommendations

At the end of your moving day, recommendations matter more than price estimates. No mover is a bargain if you end up with a bunch of broken possessions.

The simplest way to collect recommendations is to contact an antiques dealer or a piano teacher. Any mover skilled at moving large, precious objects will probably do a great job of moving your things.

Consider Prices

Once you’ve got names of movers who can safely move valuable items, now you can consider price. If possible, meet the mover in person and get a feel for how they work, what they care about and what you can expect. Go with your gut and make the best decision for your home and belongings.

Don’t Make This A Pizza Party

If your friends help you move and it all goes well, you’re lucky. If something of yours gets broken, your friend will feel sad. If your friend gets hurt, you will feel terrible. If every other box you’re moving is marked “Heavy books” your friends may never take your call again. Don’t ask your friends to put life and limb at risk to move your things, and don’t risk your belongings to an amateur. Have your friends over for a house-warming instead!

Do Pack Your Own Things If You’re Downsizing

The trend at the moment is to live with less and enjoy a smaller space. Whether this works for you or not, it’s important to pack your own things if you’ve been in the same space for a while or if you really need to declutter.

Your unpacking will be simple if your mover gets exactly what you packed into the right rooms. Professional movers have the skills and equipment to get your belongings safely to your new home.

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