How to Choose the Correct Septic Air Pump

A septic air pump is vital to the aerobic ecology in your septic system. In fact, the aerobic septic system can’t function properly without an air pump. This is because the air pump injects oxygen into the system, allowing the aerobic bacteria that consume the waste in the tank to survive.

Choosing the Correct Air Pump for Your Septic System

The size and power of the air pump is very important to the efficient operation of your septic system. In fact, the same size air pump is not suitable for every type of aerobic septic system. The size of the air pump is usually determined by the capacity of the septic tank, as well as the type of air diffusers used, and how many gallons per day the septic system can treat. You need a pump that will create enough pressure to move the air through your septic system efficiently.

Linear Diaphragm Septic Air Pumps

This type of air pump is box-shaped. Keep in mind, a lot of linear air pumps are designed for ponds, and won’t work efficiently as a septic air pump. This is because septic air pumps need to force air through a diffuser into sewage sludge; this causes more pressure than pond pumps can handle. If you are interested in a linear diaphragm ir pump, ensure it’s designed for septic use, and not designed for ponds. The quality of the diaphragm will determine how long it will last. Cheaper pumps may need to have the diaphragm replaced in 18 months. The diaphragm on a higher quality pump can last 3 to 5 years.

Rotary Vane Septic Air Pumps

This type of septic air pump is cylindrical. A rotary vane septic air pump is generally sturdier than other types of air pumps. A disadvantage to this type of pump is they are very noisy and use twice and much electricity as a linear air pump. The “vane” on this type of pump usually lasts 6 to 7 years. However, the motor will often last for 10 to 15 years.

What Happens Without a Septic Air Pump

If you don’t have an operating air pump on your aerobic septic system, within two weeks the system will turn anaerobic. Once the system turns anaerobic, the effluent will be raw sewage, rather than clear and odorless. This is why it’s essential for your septic air pump to be running properly.

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