How to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the most important elements of your business, whether you are just starting out or well established in the marketplace. In either case, you want more people to think of your products when they’re ready to buy. You also want consumers to view your products in a positive light so they keep coming back and purchasing more. That said, following are some ways you can build brand awareness, which ultimately leads to greater sales and profits.

Develop Recognizable Logo and Packaging
When you’ve developed a recognizable logo and color scheme on your package, people will start recognizing it without seeing the name of your brand or company. The key is to not overdo the design. Keep it unique and simple — and make sure you don’t infringe on another company’s design. Developing the right packaging design and graphics can help you create an emotional attachment with consumers — one that may even outlast the product itself, according to Entrepreneur..

Create a Memorable Slogan
A good slogan or tagline helps separate you from competitors who sell the same products, according to Forbes. And as people connect the tagline to your products, you’re building brand awareness. The best slogans are those that are both concise and highlight the key benefit(s) of using your product.

Get Influencers to Promote You
Another way to increase brand awareness is to get your products into the hands of influencers. These are people who are typically well-known and can influence the purchases of buyers you are targeting. Examples of influencers include sports figures, actors, politicians and even media personnel who run consumer reports segments. Whenever possible, try to get testimonials from these influencers to better convince people to buy your wares.

Use Social Media
Anyone who wants to build brand awareness today must use social media. For one thing, it is free except for the paid advertisements. And while you should incorporate Facebook or other paid social media promotions into your advertising mix, start with the free publicity when you are just starting out.

Advertise Consistently
Building brand awareness is a continual process. In fact, the average consumer must see or have contact with your product seven times over an 18-month period to become fully aware of it, according to Business Insider. So keep various forms of advertising running throughout the year.

In addition to implementing some of the aforementioned strategies, conduct market research to ascertain whether you’re continuing to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. The happier your customers, the more likely they are to tell others, which will enhance your overall brand awareness.

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