How to Prepare Your Crawlspace for Summer Temperatures

Your crawlspace requires more maintenance than you might realize. It might not be a space you use regularly, but it’s a space you must keep maintained if you want to keep your house healthy. This space is subject to weather issues, and it needs to be prepared for the different seasons. If you don’t know this and you have not prepped your crawlspace for cold or hot temperatures in the past, it’s time to prep it for summer and learn how to keep it safe this winter as well.

Control the Humidity

The last thing you want is a humid crawlspace. This is a nightmare, and it can cause serious problems such as mold, rot, and even pests. The best thing you can do to control the amount of humidity in here is encapsulate it for the summer. This makes is difficult for humidity to enter the space and cause mold or other growth. This works because it doesn’t allow water vapor into the space, which is good news for you if you have a moist area.

Do Not Vent the Space 

If you have a crawlspace that’s vented to the outside, get that vent covered up immediately. This is one of the worst things you can do for your home. It allows moisture directly into the home when you do this, and it’s more likely to allow humidity into the space. You’ll see mold grow in a matter of months. Your home doesn’t need to be old to see this happen.

Check it Regularly 

One of the most important things you can do when you have a crawlspace is check it throughout the summer if you live where the temperature is warm and humid. You must do this to ensure there is no moisture getting in. Checking allows you to put a stop to the problem before it becomes worse. It’s not something you can ignore. You must keep this space as dry as possible, and that means checking it every few weeks to ensure nothing is going on in there you cannot control.

Many homeowners are unaware they need to keep their crawlspace temperature controlled. It’s not part of the main living area, and that means people aren’t aware they need to keep it under control. This is a mistake that can cost you if mold grows. Mold spreads quickly, and it’s a problem for many people who are living in places where humidity levels are high. If you have allergies or breathing issues such as asthma, it’s made much worse if you have a mold problem in any area of your home whether you access that area or not.

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