How To Prepare Your Mobile Home for Hurricane Season

Although you should evacuate mobile homes during a hurricane, preparing the home before you leave can help prevent serious damage. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning gutters, helps your home withstand the damage of a hurricane, but there are additional steps to take both well in advance and immediately before you evacuate. Use these tips to help protect your home from the high winds and flooding that may occur during a hurricane.

Check Your Insurance Policies

An up to date insurance policy can help you repair your home if it is damaged during hurricane season. Your policy should cover natural disasters, including hurricanes, and the coverage amount should reflect the current value of your home. If your home has increased in value since you moved in, update your coverage before hurricane season begins. Renters can also opt for insurance coverage in hurricane-prone areas. The policy covers your personal belongings and can help you replace items that are lost during a hurricane.

Replace Dated Roofing Materials

Your roof is susceptible to wind damage during a hurricane, but the damage can be significantly worse if damaged roofing materials allow water to enter your home. Shingle roofs are recommended for mobile homes located in hurricane-prone states like Florida. If you have a standard metal roof, switch to shingles to reduce the risk of serious damage caused by roof failures. If you have a shingle roof, examine it for signs of damage annually. Replace the roof if any shingles have obvious signs of damage.

Check Your Anchors

Your mobile home should be properly anchored to better withstand the high winds that occur during a hurricane. The anchors are located around the perimeter of the home and may extend upward to the roof trusses. Check your anchors to make sure they are stable, and check the steel straps that connect the mobile home to the anchors for signs of damage.

Repair or replace the anchors as needed, and replace any straps that are rusted, frayed, or loose. Take time to double check the bolts that secure the end of each strap. Replace missing bolts to keep your home as secure as possible. If your mobile home isn’t anchored, complete the task as soon as possible to keep your home more secure.

Switch to Hurricane-Proof Materials

Hurricane-resistant windows, doors and shutters are just a few of the materials you can use to protect your home and belongings from damage caused by a hurricane. Local contractors can help you find and install hurricane-resistant materials. Opt for materials that meet local and state requirements, however, or you may fail to meet local building codes. With some research and planning, you can prepare your mobile home to withstand hurricane season with minimal damage.

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