Top 10 Universities Where Super Rich Kids Study

Top 10 Universities Where Super Rich Kids Study

At all times, qualitative and prestigious education of wealthy parents’ children was the main priority. Sending super rich kids abroad to study became a real trend of the last years and parents do not pay attention to the cost. More »

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Malfunction: Dangers and Opportunities

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Malfunction: Dangers and Opportunities

Juno spacecraft malfunction happened on Sunday, when NASA specialists tried to execute the “period reduction maneuver” or PRM to test the technologies responsible for fuel pressurization. More »

The Mystery of the European Bison Origin Resolved

The Mystery of the European Bison Origin Resolved

The question of the European bison origin was open for a long time. This is one of the largest land animals that were on the verge of extinction in 1920s because of continuous haunting. More »


5 Tips for Vetting a Potential Realtor

Buying or selling a home can be a pleasant or stressful experience like any other major life event. There is a lot at stake with significant amounts of money changing hands. That’s why it is so important that you find the “right” realtor to partner with and to ease your way through the maze that has become typical in a real estate transaction.

Tip #1. Get References and Call Them

Let’s face it. This relationship is too important to leave to chance. You need to check out different real estate agents to be sure that you select the best person for the job. Prepare questions you want to ask before calling those references to be sure that you end the phone call with the information you need. The Forbes article, How to Vet a Real Estate Agent: 10 Questions to Ask before Hiring, emphasizes the importance of calling references.

Tip #2. Review Experience

According to Bankrate’s article, 7 Tips for Picking a Great Real Estate Agent, reviewing a real estate agent’s level of experience is crucial. If they don’t have at least five years of experience, they are basically still learning the tricks of the trade on your dime. Be sure to ask the agent how long they have been in business.

Tip #3 Select an Agent with Experience Working in Your Neighborhood and with Clients in Your Price Range

If your agent has mainly worked with million-dollar homes and clients in that price range, they won’t relate well to buyers or sellers operating in the $125,000 price range. While there are obvious similarities, there are also many differences related to financing and negotiation.

Tips #4 Evaluate the Agent’s Knowledge of the Area

One of the most valuable benefits of working with the “right” agent is that they can teach you about the area. They know about the schools. They can tell you about any development projects scheduled for the future that may impact your decision. If they work in the area consistently, they can give you the “inside scoop” about everything from the best restaurants to what day the trash is picked up.

Tip #5 Ask Whether They Work More with Buyers or Sellers

While some agents work with both buyers and sellers, it is common for many agents to specialize as a Buyers Agent or a Listing Agent. It makes sense to hire an agent that aligns with your goals. If you are a buyer, you want an agent who enjoys the close contact that is common between a buyer and their agent.