Top 10 Universities Where Super Rich Kids Study

At all times, qualitative and prestigious education of wealthy parents’ children was the main priority. Sending super rich kids abroad to study became a real trend of the last years and parents do not pay attention to the cost. Among all the elite universities, it seems that some of them attract rich kids more than others. The following is the list of top 10 universities where the richest students tend to gain their education.

American University in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a country of incredible wealth and Dubai is a city of millionaires. It is just impossible no rich students were at American University in Dubai. Every morning its students, who are in their early 20s by the way, pack the parking lot with Aston Martins, Porsches and Ferraris.


University of London

University of London is famous thanks to its institution – London School of Economics. The university considered to be the place where future millionaires are training, as 7.5 per cent of millionaires living in UK, attended this university.

Stanford University

The training cost here is 60,000 dollars each year, so obviously the kids studying at Stanford University are from wealthy families. What is more interesting, the university has its “legacy admission” policy. It means that if a parent or both parents are alumni and donated money, their child have more chances to become a member of the university too.

Oxford University

The legendary university is of course among those high schools that attract extremely rich kids. Oxford University has educated lot of businessmen, scientists and academics, many of whom are millionaires.

University of Mumbai

This Indian university is a training place for kids from the richest families of the country. They enter the University of Mumbai as wealthy students and graduate it to become even richer in the future.

University of Pennsylvania

This is a university for middle and upper-class students, whose parents earn 250,000 dollars per year. The cost is 60,000 dollars each year, but as researches claim, the outlook is promising once you graduate.campus

Brown University

Brown University is the most popular choice for celebrities’ children and many more American wealthiest people. It is one of the richest collages where Jack Nicholson, Steven Spielberg and John Kerry’s daughters have been educated.

Yale University

69 per cent of students studying at this university are from wealthy families with annual incomes of 120,000 dollars or more. The university is well-known and has a long history. Being one of the richest collages, it has many celebrity graduates including George W. Bush.

Columbia University

Columbia University in New York is not only for rich kids, but for those who are clever too. Its students scored 2050 or more on their SATs and pay 64,000 dollars per academic year.

Harvard University

This Ivy League college is known for class and wealth of its population. The families of Harvard University students earn 200,000 dollars annually. They say there is a secret society of super rich students who can go for parties to any part of the world. However, it is one of the best world’s universities and if you want to be a millionaire one day, go to Harvard.