Ways to Store Your Essential Oils

When getting into the use of essential oils it is important to know how to store them. If not stored properly there may be different negative consequences such as: diminished fragrance, oxidation, and evaporation that can occur.


Using plastic bottles to store essential oils is not recommended (no matter what color), as some types of plastics end up breaking down due to the oil. Darker color glass bottles (amber, green, violet, and blue) are the most commonly recommended as it helps to reduce the risk of oxidation.


The type of cap that you use on your bottle is important as well. A rubber bulb lid as a permanent cap is not the best solution, as the rubber can deteriorate over time, as the oil will break it down. It is best to use the rubber bulb just to draw out or apply the oil.  Solid screws on caps hold up well, and are the best choice for storage. Just ensure though that you have the cap on tightly.


When storing essential oils, the environment as to which you store them is as important as what you store them in.


You should never store your essential oil in any location that will leave the oil in direct sunlight. Over a short period of time, your essential oils will start to oxidize if left in the sun. Keep your oils away from any heat source whether it be the stove, candles, or your fireplace as they contain alcohol which can quickly flame up.


The best location to store your essential oils would be a refrigerator set to between 41 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In the refrigerator the oils will be kept stable due to the constant cooler temperature. Storing in this manner will reduce the chances of instability, air exposure, and will help to protect from sun exposure. If your oils start to congeal in the refrigerator, don’t be alarmed – they should return to their proper form once moved out of the refrigerator.


If you are unable to store your oils in the refrigerator, the next best place would be in a closet or drawer. The main drawback to this is the fact that you are unable to regulate the temperature. One thing you can do is to invest in an aromatherapy storage box. These storage boxes can help protect from the sunlight and to cut down on some of the temperature fluctuation.


Essential oils have different uses and many benefits. In order to get the most from your oils, it is essential to store them properly.

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